Audience Intelligence

See your audience in a whole new light. Integration of your data allows you to accurately understand your audience for further monetization.

Unify & Monetize

Our unified data system (SDM) provides a solution you can rely on to identify all the touch points with your audience in a single database.

The professionals at Stamats fully understand how to assess, score, analyze, and deliver audience customer solutions. Not just print and digital but incorporating multiple products on multiple touchpoints, and tracking engagement of individuals across all media channels associated with your brand.

Unified Data vs. Integrated Data

Info Graphic of unified Data

Unified Data

All data housed in one central database. Cost effective and the only way to get accurate reporting.

Info Graphic of Siloed Data

Siloed Data

Multiple silos that feed to a dashboard. Inefficient and costly.

Grow Your Audience

With complete integration of your data, you are able to understand your audience. Respond quickly to threats and opportunities. Fully monetize your audience data in a way that makes sense. Audience Intelligence offers brands an opportunity to build a defined profile of your audience in order to understand their preferences, habits, and motivations and ultimately the best means to engage and inspire.

Use your audience data and audience intelligence to speak directly to your audience.

Grow your audience by producing targeted content in print, online, and other areas of engagement.

Our Services

Development/ Fulfillment

Manage, market, develop, fulfill.

Choose the level of service you need. We can provide everything from full service audience development to just audience fulfillment and database maintenance, depending on the needs of your brands and your team.

Integrated Database

The heart of what makes SDM unique. Most fulfillment solutions house data in separate silos of information making it difficult to analyze how your audience engages with your brands.

Email Management
& Marketing

Selecting an email marketing solution can be confusing. Stamats has partnered with industry leader Real Magnet who provides an intuitive interface that excels where other platforms fall short: usability.

Silver List

Now as part of Stamats Data Management - Silver List Research continues to provide full service direct marketing consulting and data list brokerage of nearly 40,000 consumer and business-to business mailing lists and databases.